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Is that Really Your Child’s Name?

Remember the last time you met someone and you had to do a double take because you were not sure what the person said there name was? This happens to almost every person I introduce myself to. Fortunately for me people think I said my last name, but some parents name their kids after objects, bands and most recently popular websites. recently featured a story about parents who named their kid “Like.” Yes, that is correct, they named their child after Facebook’s LIKE button. Each state has its own laws regarding baby naming. The majority of states limit its rules to names that are part of the English alphabet. States restrictions on baby names may be an infringement of parent’s first amendment rights and therefore states tend to stay hands off.

If this topic interests you, then I recommend reading Carlton F. W. Larson’s paper titled “Naming Baby: The Constitutional Dimensions of Parental Naming Rights.”

Do you think parents should be able to name their kids any name they wish?