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Massachusetts spouses are entitled to spousal support with the help of a spousal support lawyer/Attorney. Spousal support or alimony is when one spouse provides the other spouse with money to meet their needs. Needs are determined by the court based on the lifestyle of the parties during the marriage.

As of March 2012, Massachusetts passed a new alimony law. The law provides durational limits to support orders as well maximum amounts.

At the Law Office of Wyckoff Nissenbaum, We guide our clients to get a friendly process of separation with less eeriness and legal work. Not just this, we ensure that our client gets justice in the spousal support and alimony matter. We provide spousal support attorney help in the following Alimony Cases:

Rehabilitative Alimony

Reimbursement Alimony

Transitional Alimony

General Term Alimony

FAQ regarding Massachusetts Alimony Lawyer / Spousal Support Lawyer.

How do I know how much spousal support I am entitled to?

Alimony is based on the need of the recipient and the ability of the payor to pay. The recipient will generally receive 30% to 35% of the difference in income.

How do I prove need?

Need is proven based on the lifestyles of the parties during the marriage. It will be necessary for the recipient to show the court how much support is needed to maintain the lifestyle accustomed to during the marriage.

What is reasonable spousal maintenance?

In general, if a spouse lacks in providing alimony benefits due to lack of money or assets then the complete assets available will be apportioned to provide the alimony support.