Modification of Orders | Child Support modification

Modification of Orders / child support modification

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Are you subject to a Court Judgment of Massachusetts that no longer works for you or your children? Is it necessary to change this order. We will help you in child support modification to review the order and determine with your input whether or not it makes sense to modify that order. Additionally we will attempt to work with the other party in order to attempt an out of court settlement. Get in touch with us!

FAQ regarding Modification of Orders / child support modification

What is required to modify a court Judgment?

A court judgment can be modified due to a material change in circumstances.

If both parties agree to modify a Judgment, do we have to go back to court?

The Massachusetts Probate and Family Court has provided a mechanism to file a modification agreement without having to go back to court.

How do I know whether or not I can file a complaint for modification?

Each case is unique and therefore requires a review of the court judgment and post judgment facts in order to determine whether or not there is a change of circumstances to warrant a modification.