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Anti-Abuse Advertising

Anti Abuse Advertising

Anti-Abuse Advertising – Kids are abused every day. Unfortunately, sometimes the abuser is a family member or another adult that convinces the child to keep his or her silence.

Whether the child’s parents are going through a divorce, caught in the middle of a parenting dispute or being abused by both parents it is difficult to reach out  to these children to inform them what abuse is and that they do not have to tolerate it. The Anar Foundation is using lenticular lens technology for Anti-Abuse Advertising. Lenticular lens technology allows two people to see two entirely different images from one display.

The Anar Foundation’s  Anti-Abuse Advertising shows one image to people over 4’5” and another image to people shorter than 4’5” (presumably kids). See the video below. Hopefully, new technologies will continue to help children avoid or stop abuse. If you are suffering from abuse, or suspect someone you know is suffering, please reach out for help.