Restraining Orders


Restraining Orders

Are you looking for a Massachusetts lawyer with experience handling restraining orders? The Law Office of Wyckoff Nissenbaum concentrates on assisting individuals in the Boston Metro area with restraining orders. My office offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine how I can assist you with your restraining order matter.


Massachusetts restraining orders are a complex area of the law that is intended to protect one family member from imminent physical harm of the other family member. A restraining order is frequently referred to as a 209(a) order in Massachusetts.

If you are dealing with a domestic violence situation, a restraining order may be the only way to protect yourself against an abuser. You can obtain a restraining order the following ways:

  • Go to the police station or court and file a Complaint for a Restraining Order and Affidavit. The affidavit should contain a detailed account of an incident or series of incidents that require a restraining order. The police will assist you with the process; or
  • Go to local District Court or Probate and Family Court and request a restraining order. You will go in front of a judge and explain why you are in imminent fear of physical harm. The judge will determine the validity of the complaint and decided whether or not to issue a temporary restraining order.

In both situations above if a restraining order (209A) is issued, then the judge will set a review date for both parties to explain to the court why or why not the restraining order should be extended.

As a Massachusetts domestic violence attorney I advocate for my client by making sure that the client is properly prepared for the process. A restraining order hearing is very emotional and the successful party will be well prepared, understand the law and have a knowledgeable advocate of their side.

I represent clients in Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex county that are involved in the restraining order process. If you are looking for a Boston area attorney knowledgeable in Restraining Orders, call me at 617-410-6467 to get the help that you need today

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