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Paternity is a two step process that requires:

1) Determining whether or not a person is the parent of the child; and
2) Determining custody and support.

Are you a father, but not on the birth certificate?

If this describes you and you live in Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex County, then in order to have any legal rights regarding the child it is necessary for you to file a Complaint for Paternity. The Complaint will allow you to determine whether or not you are the biological parent. If you are the biological parent, the court will determine parenting time and child support.

Are you a mother and the father is not providing support?

If this describes your situation, you need to file a Complaint for Paternity to legally establish the Father as the parent. Once he is the legal parent, then he may have an obligation to provide you with child support pursuant to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.

There are no two identical paternity cases in Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex County. As a Greater Boston paternity attorney I make sure that the client understands their legal rights. The client and I work collaboratively to achieve a result that meets the client’s needs.

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