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Are you looking for a Massachusetts Guardianship of A Minor lawyer? The Law Office of Wyckoff Nissenbaum concentrates on assisting parents in the Boston Metro area with Petitions for Guardianship of a Minor. My office offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine how I can assist you with your Guardianship of a Minor questions.

A Massachusetts Petition for Guardianship of a Minor is a request to be the legal guardian of the minor. To be awarded guardian it is necessary to show that the child’s current legal guardians are unfit to care for the child.

Frequently there is an emergency situation that requires the petitioner be appointed as guardian for the minor. This process requires a variety of pleadings and motions that must be filed correctly in order to get the court to approve the guardianship. My office can assist you with filing a Guardianship of a Minor in Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex county.

I am familiar with these emergency proceedings and know what facts are required in order to get a guardianship approved. You only have one chance to make a first impression in front of the judge, so hiring an attorney that will make the right impression is vital.

If you are unsure of how to file a Petition for Guardianship of a Minor or if the court has awarded guardianship of your child to another person in Greater Boston, call me at 617-410-6467 to get the help you need today.

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