Contempt of Agreements


Contempt of Agreements


Are you looking for a Greater Boston Lawyer that can assist you with a Complaint for Contempt? The Law Office of Wyckoff Nissenbaum concentrates on filing Complaint for Contempts in the Boston area regarding all Contempt matters. My office offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine how I can assist you with your Complaint for Contempt.

If you currently have a Massachusetts Judgment or Order that the opposing party is not following, the other party may be in contempt of court and my office can help you enforce the Massachusetts Judgment or Order. My office assists both the Plaintiff and Defendant in Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex Counties. Common Complaint for Contempts include:

  • Collection of Child Support
  • Division of Assets
  • Violation of the Parenting Plan
  • Failure to Pay Spousal Support
  • Sale of Former Marital Home

If the contempt is willful and intentional, the court may also order that the violating party pay your attorney fees.

You may also find yourself as the defendant in a Massachusetts Family and Probate Court Complaint for Contempt. The Plaintiff may have legitimate reasons for filing a contempt or the Complaint for Contempt may also be used as a scare tactic.

If you are looking for a Boston Metro area attorney to file or defend a Complaint for Contempt, call me at 617-410-6467 to get the help that you need today.

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